Saturday, 15 November 2008

Max Weights for exercises – So far lol

From what I can remember these are my max weights ever for the following exercises.

Deadlift – 150kg (1 rep with wrist straps)

Bench Press – 62.5kg (Although reduced now due to bad shoulder)

Squats – 60kg

Bicep Curls – 35kg

Clean and Press – 30kg (Technique is all to fuck)


There’s a few more but I can’t remember them all, and those are the 5 which I want to improve. I don’t think a deadlift of 200kg is an outrageous thought for example.



I had a session with Mark my PT, which was strenuous to say the least.

I did 6 or 7 sets of deadlifts, starting on 60kg for warm-up, for 1 set, then 100 or 110 kg for the last 5 with little rest between sets. That is a fucking strenuous exercise and I would have lifted in excess of 6 tonnes with my legs and lower back.

Then we went on the bench press, and did 100 reps, 10 sets of 10 with 10 seconds rest between each set……fuck me, that hurt. Started off with 40kg for about 6 sets and went down to 30 for the last few. Still hit failure a few times too lol.

THEN…he had me do 5 pull-ups, 10 body row and 10 press-ups…for 10 mins…not fun lol.

Then we did kettlebell swings for 15 mins and after that I collapsed in a heap and had to be fork lifted out of the gym. Lol.

Fun though…

Fitness and Gym etc

Well, it appears I have been somewhat lazy when it comes to blogging recently, as I have not posted anything to this blog in over a year.

Well, no longer, I shall be blogging regularly from now on.

The first one is about my activities over the last few months as regards my gym-going.

After quitting smoking 30 fags a day for fuck knows how many years about 5 months ago, I started to put on a ton of weight because I was eating shit. So I decided to go to the gym.

When I joined all I knew was that I wanted to lose some fat and get fit, but 3 months on, I’m a stone heavier (11 stone 7 as of today), have lost a ton of fat and am much stronger and fitter than I ever have been in my life.

The secret to my massive gains in muscle mass are due to my Personal Trainer Mark and sweat, pain, tears and a bit of blood on my part.

Mark follows the Crossfit regime very closely and has got me well into it. It basically comprises of doing a lot of heavy Olympic lifts, such as Deadlifts, Presses etc, bench pressing, squats, press-ups, pull-ups etc. You do the exercise at such a rate that it gets your heart rate up and then you start to burn fat and at the same time, build a lot of muscle.

It’s a much better exercise regimen than using the crosstrainer or treadmill all the time because lets face it, they suck and won’t make you build muscle.

I’ll post my max weights for some exercises soon…and maybe some other interesting shit.


Wednesday, 14 November 2007

The demise of the old Flamingos in Blackpool :-(

Took these pics this morning, I had many a good night in this club a few years ago.

Shame that they are trashing it to put a nice road through it, bastards that Blackpool Council are!

Ah well...RIP Flamingo's.

Thursday, 25 October 2007


Ok, I have a new blog...for computer nerdy shit.


Monday, 22 October 2007

Monday again dammit...

And it's Monday again, what the hell happened to the weekend?

Did it go so fast because I was in a blur of intoxication for most of it?

Ah well, almost time to be getting ready for work, yet another 5 days in a row working like a bitch. :-(

Heres a bit of comedy to lighten the fact that its fucking Monday again:

Horse Lover


In fact, that site is full of brillantly amusing things, check it out. :-)

Bye for now...

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Last night....

Was a great fucking laugh... ;-)

And i'm not hungover, like most of the lightweights out there. 

When I think of something decent to write...I will.

Bye for now. x

Funny Shit